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The Workflow Systems and Technologies Group offers topics for bachelor and master theses as well as Master Praktikum. The following list contains a number of current suggestions for topics.

To discuss one of those or any other topic in this research field, please contact the particulary named supervisor.

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Master thesis topics


Supervision Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maria Leitner

Topic: Business Process Automation

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

Topic: (Semi-)automated anomaly detection for Role-based Access Control (RBAC) models

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

More details are updated soon.


Bachelor theses topics

Supervision Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich Schikuta

Topic: Interactive Process Visualization of Correlation Based Customer Journey Processes in the Tourism Domain

Goal: Implementing an interactive data visualization tool which shows processes and findings based on correlations. An already trained model by using machine learning technologies of a data set from the tourism domain is provided. The trained model contains correlations based on visited pages from a touristic web application and environmental data (weather) for a given period of time and location.

The trained model has to be used for discovering process models and for showing findings by filtering weights, combining different features and post processing the weights and features (e.g., calculating probabilities). These discovered processes and findings have to be visualized on a web interface by using the functional programming language Elm. There is a special focus on usability and interactive visualization methods.

Recommended/Required Competences: Elm + PostgreSQL + Python

Number of Students: 1

Remarks: Marian Lux (, Contact)
co-supervised by Erich Schikuta


Topic: DAPlayground Extensions

Goal: Extensions to the already existing DAPlayground system

DAPlayground is a modern, web-based e-learning platform for of data structures and algorithms visualizing graph and sorting algorithms, and tree and hash structures.

The package has to be extended in several ways: adding of missing modules, adapting user interface, serverless mode by app, …

Specific workload will be distributed among students

Recommended/Required Competences: Javascript, Node.js, Vue.js, and dependent technology stack

Number of Students: 2-3

Supervisor: Erich Schikuta (, Contact)

Remarks: DAPlayground system already existing (see and Bachelor thesis of Frick and Wegscheider (


Topic: WineCellar as a Service

Goal: Design and development of an information system for the administration and the management of a wine cellar. Hereby a thorough market analysis and comparison of available competing systems and their functionality has to be done. Based on these results and customer interviews a list of requirements has to be defined. Specific emphasis has to be laid on the system architecture allowing for a service oriented / cloud-based approach. The functionality of the application to be developed has to cover all important workflows for wine cellar management, as

  • wine inventory and cellar location management,
  • wine purchase,
  • personal wine information handling (querying, commenting, etc.),
  • wine web resource (information and purchase options) crawling, etc.

Specific focus has to be laid on usability and responsive design.

Recommended/Required Competences: MS PowerApps, MS Excel

Number of Students: 1

Supervisor: Erich Schikuta (, Contact)

Remarks: -

Supervision Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maria Leitner

Topic: Business Process Modeling for Cyber Exercises

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

Topic: Measurement of Teams in Business Processes

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

Topic: Process Mining for Inter-organizational Business Processes

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

Topic: Digital Twins in Industry 4.0  

Supervisor: Maria Leitner (  

More details are updated soon on these topics.