Business Intelligence 2 Meets Practice

Data is the new oil of the digital economy

"Data is the new oil of the digital economy" shows that the knowledge of how to use data and how to investigate data is becoming an important part of the digital economy. More experts will be needed that can leverage techniques and methods to assess and identify business goals, to select and transform data, and to apply methods that will provide results. In Business Intelligence 2, some of these methods are taught that may help future experts in their work.

How organizations deal with business intelligence in their daily business is one of the biggest challenges and the main focus of the case presentations given within the within the lecture Business Intelligence 2 in the winter term 2021. The case presentations outlined current state of the art business intelligence practices and provided an insight how organizations identify relevant and insightful data. Furthermore, each presentation outlined challenges in the respective domains and led to motivating and vivid discussions.


We are thankful the following speakers joined the course for a case presentation: 

Wolfgang Rosenkranz,

Wolfgang Zeitler, KPMG 

Günther Tschabuschnig, ZAMG

Elaheh Momeni, eMentalist.AI

Patrick Zwickl, Senacor Technologies AG